Wellness Spa in Blenheim, Ontario

Spa Services ~ Feet



Classic Pedicure-  $40

This can’t-go-wrong pedicure eliminates any soreness in your feet. A softening soak, exfoliation rub, clipping, trimming, buffing and very particular painting.

Mia’s Signature-Lemon Drop Pedicure-  $50

Like a tall, cold glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade for the feet, the lemon drop pedicure is good and good for you.  This pedicure stimulates all the senses.  The pedicure makes use of opi products.  Lemon soak, foot to knee body sugar buff, OPI lemon butter-finished with your choice of OPI colour—yellow sparkles if you dare!

 Express Pedicure-  File and Polish Change-  $25.00
*French Manicure extra – $5.00
*Nail Stone/Art-  $1.00 per nail
*Gel on toes extra-  $5.00

To ensure a contamination-free environment, we use only disposable or stainless steel utensils which are disinfected in a high-level sterilization of Cs20. We work closely with Chatham-Kent Health Services to incorporate best practices.