Wellness Spa in Blenheim, Ontario

Spa Services ~ Hands



Gel Polish with Express Manicure  $32

Mia Signature-Lemon Drop Manicure (exfoliation)  $37

Gel Polish Removal and Buffing

Nails   $10.00

Toes    $10.00

Express Manicure-Nail File and Polish  $20.00

Little Lady-Nail File and Polish  $15.00

*French Manicure extra- $5.00

*Nail Stone/Art-  $1.00 per nail

*Gel on toes extra-  $5.00

*Parrifin Dip-  $10.00

To ensure a contamination-free environment, we use only disposable or stainless steel utensils which are disinfected in a high-level sterilization of Cs20. We work closely with Chatham-Kent Health Services to incorporate best practices.